TouchNetix worked with Ypsomed to develop their touchscreen solution for their mylife YpsoPump insulin pump. The overall solution is medically qualified and includes a 1.8" PET sensor with passive tail, CSSL front lens and an OLED display.

Philips Medical



TouchNetix worked alongside Philips Medical to develop their IntelliVue X3 patient monitor which passed medical qualifications.

The device has a custom 6.2" PET sensor, with active tail and custom front lens. The unit can be operated seamlessly with gloves and water through the use of TouchNetix's technology.



Topcon selected TouchNetix to provide capacitive touchscreen technology for their range of HMI panels for agricultural, construction and special purpose machinery and vehicle touchscreens. 

All products are solar radiation proof and automotive grade qualified to work in harsh EMC environments.




As the leading supplier of control systems to the marine industries, Raymarine selected TouchNetix to provide the capacitive touchscreen technology for its flagship HMI systems.

To be compatible with marine applications, touchscreens must behave flawlessly in the presence of salt water and in system applications where there can be significant electrical noise present.



Siemens Automation



Siemens Industrial Automation division selected TouchNetix to provide leading edge projected capacitive touchscreen technology for its next-generation HMI systems as part of its plan to replace resistive touchscreen technology.

An entirely new range of custom products, using TouchNetix's latest driver IC technology was needed to meet Siemens' requirements for reliability and flawless operation of their HMI industrial control system.




Harley Davidson

TouchNetix worked with Harley Davidson to develop their Boom Box GTS radio kit. This included a 6.5" custom touch sensor which is qualified to automotive standards.

Crucially, our technology ensured that the custom touch sensor could operate with motorcycle gloves and in heavy rain. 

Parker Hannifin

TouchNetix were tasked with providing a high quality solution for Parker Hannifin, a specialist in outdoor machinery. 

The device has a 7" PET Sensor, with active tail and a custom front lens.


TouchNetix worked with Deuta, a company providing innovative rail solutions to provide custom glass sensors with touch controller boards.

We provided sensors in a range of aspect ratios which are extremely EMC robust.


Vyaire selected TouchNetix to provide a high quality glass sensor for its ventilator range. TouchNetix designed and supplied custom 13.3" and 17.3" glass sensors with touch controller boards.

These screens are compliant for medical use and can easily be operated whilst using gloves.


TouchNetix worked with Electrolux to develop one of their top line refrigerators. This device has a 9.7" PET sensor, with active tail and custom front lens. 

Our solution is EMC robust and moisture tolerant.