Higgstec devotes itself to the research and development of touch technology, especially connecting with the HMI. Over the years Higgstec has won positive comments in the market thanks to its outstanding competence and committed quality, from high-temperature process technology, superior product design, comprehensive industrial knowledge, supply chain integration, to the capability of customizing touch solutions that meet market needs.

The solutions can apply to the fields of aviation, marine, education, medical, military, gaming arcade, IPC, vehicle, POS, ATM, cash register, house appliances, office automation, smart home appliances, security monitoring system, etc. In addition to doing its own R&D, design, manufacturing, sales and after-sales service, Higgstec also handles OEM and ODM projects. All Higgstec does is to provide customers with low cost and high added value goods, including customization in various sizes, scales, structures, applications and functions, which can enhance the customers’ competitive strengths.